Own Your Content. AVideo (YOUPHPTUBE) Helps You.


Have you been keeping an eye on the world? Not since the beginning of the social media era has it been more important to own your content. And not only own that content, but be in ultimate control of it. Video Present Screen (AVideo) An important lesson of social media is that, regardless of the platform, you are not the customer. You are the product. Social media companies take information you...

OpenKM Community edition via Docker


In conjunction with work I have done on other projects, I worked to set up the community edition of the OpenKM document management system via Docker for the purposes of evaluating OpenKM for a client project. I periodically update and maintain this and wanted to get the word out here in the event anyone is looking for this as a solution. The OpenKM container currently supports the “on...

RethinkDB For Apple Silicon and ARM Processors via Docker


One of the projects I work on is ProboCI. This continuous collaboration and testing tool is built with several dependencies – one of them being RethinkDB. Because I have been working on a Docker installation for the open source and proprietary versions of Probo, I have been using a full Docker container suite for development with an eye toward production. Enter in Apple Silicon. During this...

Back The Site Up


So now that I have committed not only to skill development, but also writing projects, I am going to need a way to back up my various projects. Right now, I am running everything on my own server because I have no justification to buy a lot of high end VM’s and manage them on either Azure, AWS or any one of a number of cloud-based server providers.Given that I like to do my own development...

The 100 Days of Code/Projects


Every developer has them. Lots of them. At least any developer worthy of their salt. Ideas. Thoughts. Projects. And yes, domain names. Some domain names we’ve had for years. In my case, I’ve had one for almost 10 years. Sitting in my registrar collecting virtual dust ever since I bought it on that fateful day in July of 2013. Heck even looking at the date now it feels like I’ve...

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