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Every developer has them. Lots of them. At least any developer worthy of their salt.

Ideas. Thoughts. Projects. And yes, domain names.

Some domain names we’ve had for years. In my case, I’ve had one for almost 10 years. Sitting in my registrar collecting virtual dust ever since I bought it on that fateful day in July of 2013. Heck even looking at the date now it feels like I’ve had it eons longer.

In 2022, I have decided it is time to execute or move on. And so I will be letting go of a lot of “pet project” domains for pet projects that will never come to pass. Choosing to focus on the things I believe I can execute. This web site is one of those projects. I have a second, writing-based, web site too but the most applicable project for this space is my e-commerce project.

Initially built in the 1990s, it was a Perl-based web application that at first used a text-based, tab-delimited database and then moved on to PostgreSQL. Although it still actually works and has some really good functionality that even to this date has not been implemented by other eCommerce platforms, the prospect of updating and maintaining the Perl code base is more than I want to think about.

Not that it hasn’t been done to some degree. It has. A lot of updates have been made to it to modernize it. But the prospect of continuing to “modernize” a platform written in Perl seems oxymoronic to me. And I have decided to revisit this using modern frameworks and languages. to this end, I have settled on using JavaScript.

The back end piece will be written using NodeJS and the data store will be MongoDB. The front end is still being evaluated. Considerations are, of course, pure ES6+ or ReactJS. I’m still thinking about this, but I know how I want it to work and behave. As I progress through this project I will determine the best course of action at the time it is needed.

CodeRefactored will be a space to talk about this project as well as my other projects that I work on both professionally and personally and the technology behind them. My goal is to make this a diary, not unlike the #100DaysOfCode hashtag on social media that details the lessons learned and objectives achieved. The goal is to contribute daily.

I’ll be covering JavaScript, PHP, Drupal, Docker and any other technology that comes into my purview be it professionally, something I come across in my personal code journey or something introduced to me by others I interact with.

So today I am introducing this web site to discuss technology and the learning process. Topics range from development to systems to things I have learned and tips I have to offer. I hope you get as much out of it as I will writing it.


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Michael Bagnall

I am a web solutions architect working to develop PHP, JavaScript and Docker-based solutions in the public and private sector. Currently working out of the Middle Tennessee area, I am also an avid Ice Hockey fan and also play in an adult league. In addition to, I also blog on hockey related items at

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